About Lorna Jane
I am Lorna Jane. Growing up, I was never good at sport, but that didn’t stop me from enjoying it and it certainly didn’t stop me from getting active. If anything, it taught me to be the best version of myself. It was being active from an early age that stirred something in me which inevitably became a life-long passion. Being an instructor, there where a few things that bothered me. Firstly the lack of fashionable sports clothes on the market meant that gym wear could not be worn outside the aerobics class. I craved pieces that were high-performance and could get me through my work-out, but also looked stylish enough to wear out to coffee with girlfriends afterwards. Once I started creating my own pieces, I soon realised what I had stumbled on. It wasn't long before gym members took notice and orders started flooding in. My concept wasn't gym wear, it was activewear. A way for women to show they care just as much about fashion as they do about sport. 20 years on and 100+ stores later, it is still my passion for Active Living that drives me to create collections that are even better than the last. Being unique and different is what established Lorna Jane as an industry leader.