Buy Better, Not More

"Our goal is to change how you think about shopping, encouraging you to invest in quality pieces that you can wear more often." Lorna Jane Clarkson – Founder & Chief Creative Officer

We refuse to compromise on quality, so when you choose Lorna Jane, know that you're investing in Activewear that will look and feel amazing for longer.

We know that as consumers, if we choose to buy quality over quantity, we will buy LESS which will force the fashion industry to make LESS and successfully reduce the negative impacts that fashion production can have on our planet.When you Buy Better, Not More, you’re saying "no" to the fast fashion industry and making a positive move towards sustainability in fashion.

Our Commitment to being Environmentally responsible

  • We partner with suppliers who actively work to improve the environmental performance of their operations, this includes measures to stop or reduce adverse environmental impacts and improve material and resource efficiency, reduce waste and prevent pollution.

  • We continue to develop and utilise more recycled fabrics in our designs and we source reusable and sustainable materials wherever possible

  • We are transitioning all single-use plastics out of our business, and our product packaging is now compostable

  • Our boxes are made from recycled materials and are FSC and ISO certified, and are reused across the business

  • Our warehouse facilities reuse, re-purposes and recycle as much packaging as possible, including soft plastics and cardboard

  • We reduce waste, limit printing, recycle and reuse paper and office supplies

  • We encourage paperless invoicing

  • For Earth Day for 2022, Lorna jane has committed to planting one tree for every order placed on Earth Day - Discover More

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At Lorna Jane Your Activewear is Produced Responsibly

We proudly manufacture with a few key apparel suppliers with the approach to deliver the best quality every time. We recognise the value in transparency and our mission is to minimise our impact on the planet and maximise our positive impact on humanity. Find out more.