Lorna Jane 2022, Active Living Diary.

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Set your intentions and carve out your life with the hard-cover 2022 edition of the Lorna Jane Diary.
With pages aimed to inspire self-reflection and meaningful planning, the diary sets the tone for a positive year ahead.

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Active Living Diary 2022. Active Living Diary 2022.


Pages are designed to cultivate journaling, note taking, daily highlights and habit tracking, aimed to help foster a life you love.
Set to the backdrop of recycled pages and delicate illustration, flick through monthly horoscopes, moon charts and inspiring quotes all intended to create a sense of calmness and control as you scope out your day.
Substantial enough to be a routing part of your daily life, but compact enough to fit in your handbag, The Lorna Jane 2022 Diary is the ultimate reset for a new year.

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