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Discover Lorna Jane's Recycled Clothing and Sustainable Fashion

Find your new favourites with Lorna Jane’s range of recycled clothing and sustainable fashion. Embrace style and sustainability with our collection, designed to make you look great and feel even better. Our recycled apparel is perfect for the eco-conscious fashionista, blending chic designs with environmentally friendly materials. From recycled t shirts to activewear, we've got you covered in style.

Recycled Clothes for the Eco-Conscious

At Lorna Jane, we believe in fashion that doesn’t cost the earth. Our sustainable clothing range is crafted with the environment in mind, ensuring you can enjoy stylish pieces without compromising your values. From recycled leggings to recycled sports bras, every item in our collection is made with care and sustainability at its core. Choose Lorna Jane for clothes recycling that contributes to a greener planet while keeping you on-trend.

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Explore Our Recycled Activewear

Our recycled activewear range is perfect for those who want to stay active while supporting sustainable practices. Whether you're hitting the gym or going for a run, our recycled tights and leggings provide comfort and durability. Lorna Jane recycled shirts and sports bras will complete your look and help you feel great about yourself and the environment during your workout. Our recycled activewear combines performance with sustainability, helping you make a positive impact with every move.

Stylish Recycled T Shirts and Leggings

Looking for versatile pieces that are both stylish and eco-friendly? Check out our collection of recycled t-shirts and leggings. These essentials are perfect for everyday wear, offering the comfort and style you love, with the added benefit of being kind to the planet. Pair a recycled t-shirt with our recycled leggings for a casual yet chic look that supports your sustainable lifestyle.


Q: What is recycled clothing?
A: Recycled clothes are made from materials that have been reprocessed to create new fabrics, reducing waste and conserving resources.

Q: Why choose Lorna Jane's sustainable fashion?
A: Lorna Jane's recycled clothes range combines style and eco-friendliness, allowing you to make environmentally conscious choices without compromising on style.

Q: What types of recycled activewear does Lorna Jane offer?
A: Lorna Jane offers a variety of recycled activewear, including leggings, tights, sports bras, and t-shirts, designed for comfort and sustainability.

Q: How does clothes recycling benefit the environment?
A: Clothes recycling reduces waste, conserves natural resources, and decreases the environmental impact of fashion production, promoting a more sustainable future.

Q: Are recycled t-shirts and leggings durable?
A: Yes, Lorna Jane’s recycled t-shirts and leggings are designed to be both stylish and durable, ensuring long-lasting wear while supporting sustainable practices.