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Discover Lorna Jane Running Clothes for Women

Style meets performance with Lorna Jane's collection of women's running clothes. Designed for active living, our running and cardio collection is perfect for both experienced runners and those just starting their fitness journey. Discover everything from stylish running tights and leggings to comfortable running socks, each piece designed to improve your running experience.

Running Gear & Running Socks for Every Step

Full of comfortable running gear, our women’s running clothes range is designed to give you the support you need. From running socks and maximum support sports bras, shorts, running tops and running vests and tanks, find the perfect pieces to inspire your next jog.

Lorna Jane running gear offers breathable, buttery-soft and lightweight fabrics to ensure your body temperature is well-regulated on the move. On top of this, our running clothes fabrications include moisture-wicking properties, 4-way stretch, internal pockets (for keys and phones) and other features to make your running routine just a little bit easier.

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Running Vest & Running Tops for all Seasons

Discover Lorna Jane's versatile range of running vests and tops and sets, designed to keep you comfortable across all seasons. Whether you're braving a chilly morning jog or enjoying a warm afternoon run, our collection has you covered.

Our lightweight puffers are the perfect running vest for cooler weather, offering extra warmth without restricting your movement. They pair seamlessly with our range of running tops. Or, when the heat is on, get into your stride with one of our breathable running t shirts.

Fashionable Lorna Jane Running Clothing

Lorna Jane's running attire is the perfect blend of fashion and functionality. With stunning colours, flattering silhouettes, and trendy styles, our running clothes ensure you look as good as you feel. Choose from women's running pants in classic neutral tones to bright and bold patterns. Or, select chic new running leggings that add a dash of fabulous to your workout routine.


Q: What kind of clothes should I wear for running?
A: For running, wear clothes that keep you comfortable, ventilated in warm conditions, and dry in cold or wet weather. Ideal running clothing options include womens running pants, tights, shorts, shirts, vests, and jackets. Choose lightweight and breathable fabrics for warmer weather and insulated, moisture-wicking materials for colder conditions. It's important that your running clothes allow freedom of movement and provide the right support for your activity.

Q: What socks are best for running?
A: The best socks for running are those that offer comfort, support, and breathability. Look for socks with moisture-wicking material to keep feet dry, cushioning in key areas for impact absorption, and a snug fit to prevent blisters. Choose socks that are lightweight yet durable, with features like arch support and no-slip cuffs for optimal performance during your runs.

Q: Why are running socks a must-have for runners?
A: Lorna Jane running socks are essential for runners because they provide comfort, support, and protection. Designed with features like moisture-wicking fabric and cushioning for impact absorption, they help keep your feet dry and comfortable, reducing the risk of blisters and discomfort during long runs.

Q: What makes Lorna Jane's women's running clothing stand out?
A: Lorna Jane's women's running clothing stands out due to its perfect blend of style, comfort, and performance. Each piece is crafted with innovative fabric technology for breathability and flexibility, ensuring optimal performance. The range includes everything from supportive tights and leggings to lightweight tops, all designed to enhance your running experience while keeping you fashionably active.

Q: What makes running vests ideal for cooler weather?
A: Lorna Jane running vests are designed to provide warmth without restricting movement, making them perfect for running in cooler weather. They're lightweight yet insulating, ensuring comfort during your run.

Q: How does Lorna Jane ensure the quality of its running gear?
A: Lorna Jane’s running gear is crafted using the latest fabric technology, focusing on breathability, moisture-wicking, and compression to enhance performance and comfort during runs.