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How to Maximise Your Output with EHPLabs

| MNB Team

Whether it be intense training or maintaining positive overall wellbeing, the journey of unlocking your full Active potential requires dedication. Working out and working hard, but ensuring you are fuelling your body with whole food and the right nutrients will only maximise your output!

We spoke with leading sports nutrition brand, EHPLabs, about empowering you to maximise your output. In this blog, we will reveal EHPLabs top tricks to ensure you're always at the top of your game!

Our Top 4 Non-Negotiables

1. Set Goals

It has been said that ‘a goal without a plan is just a wish’ – when speaking with EHPLabs they couldn’t agree more! You are best going to maximise your output when you have short term and long-term goals.

Take some time to set some clear goals. Put pen to paper, set up a calendar, anything that helps you to see your plan in place. Your goal may be to hit a new PB, build muscle, or maybe simply just move your body again so you feel your best. The goals you create will allow you to have a clear direction and start your Active Living journey!

2. Fuel Your Performance

EHP Lab's bestselling OxyShred is more than just a shredding supplement. Including two key ingredients, tyrosine, and taurine, in which EHP Labs have chosen for their mood-enhancing properties, as well as boosting focus and performance. EHP Labs recommends OxyShred to not only help make you feel good, but to help improve your motivation and ability to make the most of your training sessions.

Taking your daily supplements can be a useful tool to get you into a wellness routine that you love!

3. Master your routine

Routine gives you structure and improves your ability to stick to these changes long-term, whether this be dietary changes, a new gym plan or overall ambition to be more Active. A good quality b protein can help keep you on track! Blessed Protein is a 100% vegan with 23g of plant-based protein - perfect to help you hit your daily protein goals! Whether it be used in a shake, oats, smoothies, or pancakes, the delicious options are endless!

The key to conquering your goals is consistency, so here are some questions to consider when planning your routine:

  • How many days will I work out?
  • What time of day will I exercise?
  • Which days will I do my grocery shopping?
  • Will I food-prep or cook fresh each day?

4. Stay accountable & be kind to yourself

The best way to avoid falling off track once you've gotten back on, is to stay accountable! Keep track of your progress and check in with yourself to see how you are going with your health and wellness journey. Take progression photos, join a new gym with a friend or share your favourite new meals! Don’t go through it alone, tell your loved ones about your goals, engage with our Lorna Jane community, and let them empower you to keep on going!

Remember, the journey to maximizing your output is a holistic one - enjoy discovering the power of physical health, mental resilience, and nourishing your body from within! Start today and set yourself up for success, as you embark on a journey to live a life you love, through Active Living™.

Remember that each workout is an opportunity to reconnect with the earth and with yourself, so embrace the challenge! Now it’s over to you to be bold and give them a try! Don't forget to tag us on socials, get moving for Lorna Jane's Active Nation Day!