Stronger Than Ever: Elyse Knowles x Lorna Jane

| MNB Team

She would have to be one of the most down to earth Australian celebrities. We sat down with the now mother of two Elyse Knowles, to talk about her life in Byron Bay and how she manages to stay fit and healthy.

Elyse Knowles, Lorna Jane Clarkson, and her Tibetan Terrier dog sitting on a wooden stair entrance to a house at Byron Bay

Q: Congratulations on becoming a mum for the second time. With two young boys to take care of - what is your secret to balancing it all, work, fitness, and kids?

EK: Sometimes I don't balance it!! Some days are great, some days are bad but that's what comes with having kids and a family. I think just go with the flow - you never know what’s coming in the day, you never know if everyone’s going to be sad or happy, you don’t know how much work is on or who’s going to be contacting you wanting answers. So, when it comes in you just go with the flow and try to do as much as you can. Also having the power to say "hey I can't do that today, but I can do that tomorrow because I'm struggling" is key.

Q: You’re originally from Melbourne. What made you make the move to beautiful Byron Bay?

EK: We made the move to Byron Bay for a big change. I think it's good to step outside your comfort zone. We were actually waiting for our building permits in Melbourne, and they were taking forever so I just said let's go live somewhere else while we wait - and we never went back.

Elyse Knowles on the shoreline at Byron Bay wearing a Serenade Oversized Sweat in ash blue, Speed Circuit 12cm No Chafe Bike Shorts in academy blue, and a Make Space Recycled Short in ice grey
Elyse Knowles on a swing at Byron Bay wearing a pink muscle tank and black Lotus bike shorts

Q: Describe your perfect day?

EK: My perfect day would be waking up early, going for a walk on the beach with the dogs, going to get a chai and a piece of coconut banana bread, then heading down to the beach with my friends. Everyone takes snacks and a few drinks (maybe), sun is out, and we're all just relaxing. It's really hard to do that sometimes, so if I can just relax and switch off and be present and calm, that's my perfect day because it makes me feel great.

Q: What does Active Living mean to you?

EK: Active Living for me is about being outside, breathing in the fresh air and doing whatever makes you feel energised. Whether that's a walk, going to the gym, running the dogs, doing the Lighthouse walk or running after my kids. As long as I'm doing something physical - but right now it's mostly running after the kids!

Q: Can you share your beauty secret or tip?

EK: My beauty tip would have to be actually looking after my mind because if your mind isn't healthy then nothing is. Nothing glows, nothing feels great, and your happiness doesn't shine through. So keeping positive and happy is key for me.

Q: Tell us about your collaboration with Lorna Jane, what does the brand mean to you?

EK: I've worked with Lorna Jane several times over the years so it's exciting to partner with the brand as they launch their 35th year celebrations. Lorna has built a truly iconic Australian brand - worn by women all over the world - and it feels so good to be back working with the Lorna Jane team.

"If your mind isn't healthy, then nothing is. Nothing glows, nothing feels great, and your happiness doesn't shine through."
Elyse Knowles with her hands on her head on a shoreline at Byron Bay wearing a black Lorna Jane Elevate Active Rib Bodysuit
Elyse Knowles smiling on the shoreline at Byron Bay with her hands on her hips wearing a Lorna Jane Never Give Up Relaxed Tee in ash rose and a Sculpt and Support No Ride Bike Short in cherry

Q: What is your guilty pleasure?

EK: My guilty pleasure would have to be at nighttime, putting the kettle on for a cup of tea, lots of honey, finding some chocolate in the house that I swear I’ll never touch, sitting on the couch and relaxing while the kids are asleep - finally!

Q: Where was your last holiday and what will be your next?

EK: My last holiday was when we went camping. Josh and I love to create adventures and memories as a family. It doesn't matter if it's raining, hailing, or the suns shining, we go and we have so much fun. That's what I remember doing with my family when I was growing up, so I now want to create it for my family. For our next holiday we're going down to Melbourne to camp on the Murray River for two weeks with other families. We'll be going water skiing, wakeboarding and basically playing in the mud. That's what I was brought up doing so I'm very excited to get Sunny and Zaii out there on the boat having the same adventures as I had growing up.

Back shot of Elyse Knowles on a shoreline at Byron Bay wearing a Lorna Jane Never Give Up Relaxed Tee in ash rose and a Sculpt and Support No Ride Bike Short in cherry