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In the world of fitness and fashion, a singular frustration can spark a revolution. Such was the case in 1986 for Lorna Jane Clarkson. An Australian fitness instructor who, dissatisfied with the lacklustre workout apparel in market, set out to redefine her gym wear. With little more than a pair of scissors and her favourite swimsuit, she embarked on a mission to create her first active designs, successfully elevating her gym wear into the world of fashion.

Lorna’s journey began with the transformation of her own workout wardrobe. She wore her unique creations to class and her clients took notice, requesting custom garments for themselves after each fitness session.

Lorna than got a break in the form of a wholesale deal with one of Australia’s major Department stores. This was a big moment for Lorna and her brand as she saw it as an opportunity to truly launch this new category of Activewear. On the day her first order was released, she organised a visit to the store, eventually finding them in the Swimwear Section! Realising that other retail stores couldn’t see the opportunity in Activewear, it became clear to Lorna that she needed to open her own. Her vison was clear, she wanted to create an environment that reflected a feminine aesthetic, a place where she could showcase her fashion forward activewear and educate her customers on the benefits of Active Living. The year was 1989 and Lorna quit her day job to open her first Lorna Jane Concept Store.

Lorna’s ‘out of the box’ thinking created a new idea of what a fashion brand could be, revolutionising not only how women wanted to dress but how wearing activewear made them feel. Her bold approach to designing workout clothing liberated the belief perception in women of the time to embrace this new wardrobe choice in their everyday lives. This marked the start of a movement that would go on to create the Activewear category as it’s known today.

Pioneering the idea of a more inspired women through her designs and brand values, Lorna created a community of like-minded women who embraced this new active lifestyle. Her ability to inspire and influence them towards her vision, is what makes Lorna Jane Clarkson the powerful leader she is today.

But Lorna's influence doesn't end there. Winning 14 RAQ Fashion Design Awards, receiving the AMI Sir Charles McGrath Marketing and Community Award, the BRW Award for Australia’s Most Outstanding Retailer of the Year, the Marie Clare Award (reader's choice for best Activewear), and the Most Intriguing Entrepreneur Award (Goldman Sachs USA) just to name a few. She's proven herself not only as the most awarded activewear designer globally but also as an entrepreneur with unparalleled vision.

More than just accolades, Lorna is a seven-time author and highly influential in the health and wellness industry. She has a genuine passion for environmental consciousness and producing sustainable activewear. Championing initiatives like the Seamless Clothing Stewardship; which plans to transform how clothing is made, used and recycled in Australia. She is also deeply invested in supporting women’s charities advocating for our key partner, Women’s Community Shelters.

Lorna Jane is an iconic Australian entrepreneur, fashion designer, and author who has spent 4 decades dedicated to inspiring women globally to live their life being Active.

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