Active Nation Day

Active Nation Day is a day dedicated to the power of movement. A day that stops the nation and asks the question “Are we doing enough when it comes to our health and wellbeing?”

A community initiative started in 2012 by our founder Lorna Jane Clarkson in an effort to help combat the large number of health issues people were facing, Active Nation Day is a day to move our bodies and recognise how good it feels to be active, but also serves as a reminder to get back on track if we've been neglecting our health and fitness goals

Celebrated in multiple Countries around the world, Active Nation Day is also a day of community where we can also encourage our friends, families and co-workers to move with us with the goal to reignite their enthusiasm to be active as well.

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Celebrate Active Nation Day 2024 with Lorna Jane

Active Nation Day, started by Lorna Jane in 2012, is dedicated to celebrating and promoting the benefits of an active lifestyle. This special day encourages everyone to recognise the importance of movement for health and well-being. Lorna Jane's commitment to Active Nation Day reflects our core mission to inspire women and communities worldwide to embrace fitness and wellness as a way of life.

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Join the Global Movement of Active Nation Day

Get involved with Active Nation Day, a day that brings people together globally to focus on health and movement. Since its inception in Brisbane in 2012, this annual event has inspired communities across 16 countries to embrace physical activity. Every year, on the last Sunday of September, we encourage everyone to wear their favourite activewear and be involved in any form of movement, showcasing the collective power of staying active.

How Active Nation Day Can Inspire Your Fitness Journey

Active Nation Day isn't just about a single day; it's a springboard for making lifelong changes and empowering every woman through Lorna Jane’s Active Living philosophy of Move, Nourish and Believe. Let this day be the start of a renewed commitment to your health, with activities and community support to keep you motivated all year round. Get involved by moving in any way that brings you joy—whether that’s a yoga class, taking your fur baby to the park, or getting into the habit of a morning walk. It's all about celebrating the joy of movement and spreading the message to motivate others.

The Impact of Active Nation Day Worldwide

See how Active Nation Day has influenced people across the globe to prioritise their health and serves as a powerful reminder of what we can achieve together. This year, let's continue to expand this movement and make Active Nation Day 2024 the most impactful yet.


Q: When is Active Nation Day?
A: Active Nation Day is celebrated on the last Sunday of September. For 2024, that will be on September 29th.

Q: What activities are recommended for Active Nation Day?
A: Any form of exercise or physical activity that you enjoy is perfect for celebrating this day.

Q: How can I spread the word about Active Nation Day?
A: Share your activities on social media, invite friends to join you, or organise a local event to engage your community.

Q: Are there any official events for Active Nation Day?
A: Yes, you can find official events and activities organised by Lorna Jane on our app or website.

Q: How has Active Nation Day made a difference?
A: Over the years, it has significantly raised awareness about the benefits of an active lifestyle and encouraged healthier habits globally.