30 AUG, 2022


Have you ever had that feeling where you see something so clearly and want with all of your heart for it to happen - yet know that it’s going to take a lot of convincing and ‘time’ to get other people to see it too?

That’s what it was like for me, with Activewear.

30 years ago, I knew if I could transform workout clothes into something that women would want to wear in their everyday lives- I could change the way we lived. I even gave this new way of life a name - Active Living – and saw it as simply putting on your Activewear in the morning, wearing it all day and subsequently being more active.

Today, my vision is a reality. So much so, that younger generations can’t imagine it any other way (pinch me moment!!). We wear our Activewear everywhere and it has definitely changed the way we live. We ARE more active, but can we do more?

Whilst I was celebrating women wearing Activewear back in 2012 and all of the good things that were a result of that - I came across some disturbing statistics that clearly showed obesity was on the rise and more than 1.9 billion people worldwide were not getting enough exercise. We were not as healthy as we thought we were, and I wanted to do something to change that.

So, I decided to create a day where we could STOP THE WORLD and ask everyone to celebrate the importance of being active (ambitious I know!!).

I called it Active Nation Day and like Activewear my vision for Active Nation Day was really clear.

Just like Valentine’s Day – a day where we stop to celebrate the people in our lives that we love. On Active Nation Day we would move our bodies to celebrate how good it felt to be active. It would be a day of community that we could use to encourage our friends, families, co-workers etc... to move with us and reignite their enthusiasm to be active as well.

Fast forward to now, and who would have known that my (not so little) idea of Active Nation Day would have been celebrated in 16 countries and instigated over 15 MILLION kilometres of movement (that’s 400 laps) around the world.

Active Nation Day has shown us that there IS power in movement and that something special happens when we come together to celebrate this.

I am so proud of what we have been able to achieve together, but know that we have to keep going!

This year marks the 10th year of Active Nation Day, and to celebrate we want you to join the movement. Throughout September we will partner with our incredible community of inspiring athletes, nutritionists, and fitness experts to show us how we can take control of our health and wellbeing to get active!

Then once you’re warmed up- on September 25th jump into your fave activewear and celebrate the power of your body in motion by moving on Active Nation Day. Whether it’s a sweat class with your bestie, playing with your all too energetic fur baby, or a taking a walk at sunset, we just want you to get active – your way!

Ready to join us? Follow us on IG @lornajaneactive & @ljclarkson & right here on the Move Nourish Believe blog to come on the journey. Stay tuned for ideas and inspiration and be sure to share your stories, milestones and pics with us and the LJ community by connecting with us on socials…use the hashtags #ActiveNationDay and #InMyActivewear to be featured, and show us how you MOVE FOR YOU!

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