The Best Winter Running Tights & Leggings

9 Jun, 2023 | MNB TEAM


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Keep Warm On Your Run with Winter Leggings

Whether you're a seasoned runner or just starting out on your fitness journey, facing the cold weather can be daunting. Especially as the sun rises and sets earlier, we are being left with colder and darker days where all we want to do is be snuggled up in warm beds. But with the right winter activewear, you can say goodbye to this struggle and spend more time enjoying your run.

There are many activewear pieces for running that are designed to be warm and comfortable in the cooler months..... but at what cost? We often found all we could find in the past was some super thick pair of winter leggings that didn't provide the right amount of flexibility let alone support our full range of motion!

But it's 2023, we strongly believe we shouldn't have to compromise on old-fashioned and outdated winter running gear to get us through the crisp mornings and evenings. Winter leggings should be the ideal balance of warmth, functionality and style.

Our consciously crafted collection of stylish winter leggings was born to address this age-old runner's dilemma. Each Lorna Jane winter legging is the ultimate solution for all those dedicated runners that refuse to let the cold stop them from kicking their fitness goals.

In this guide we'll break down the differences between winter leggings and regular leggings, how to style winter leggings for your runs, the benefits of investing in a winter running legging and some of our top product recommendations to beat the cold this season. Let's dive into it!

a woman wearing an Amy Sports Bra and All Day Lotus Thermal No Chafe Full Length Leggings

How are Winter Leggings Different from Regular Leggings?

Leggings for winter are specifically designed to provide additional warmth, insulation and protection in the cooler months of the year. Winter leggings don't just keep you warm in the cooler climates, but they also target compression, muscle support, and moisture management. These leggings are made from thicker materials compared to regular leggings, such as thermal fabric. But they are also breathable and allow for full range of movement as you run. This is a great option for an avid runner or even someone beginning to break into running during a cold snap. After all, there's nothing worse than not being able to feel your fingers, legs, and toes while out on a run!

Why are Thermal Leggings the Ultimate Winter Running Tight?

Thermal leggings are the best winter running tights because they are insulated, so that your legs remain warm and protected during the cooler months of the year. While helping maintain a comfortable body temperature during your workout, thermal leggings also have a compression effect so that you feel supported while running. The thermal fabric creates the perfect balance of warmth, comfort and flexibility.

Although comfort is essential, looking good while you run is also an important factor. Thermal leggings, in order to keep you supported and warm, have a streamlined fit and come in a range of complimentary colours, so that you feel confident and comfortable on every run. Check out our thermal leggings collection online to see for yourself!

woman wearing a fluffy black jumper and black thermal leggings

How to Style Winter Leggings

The style possibilities are endless with winter leggings. Not only are they perfect for all winter physical activities like running but they are a versatile alternative to pants and jeans. Combined with the right clothing items, your pair of winter leggings can become an everyday staple for the cooler part of the year. Going for a morning run and then meeting up with the girls for breakfast? No problem, a pair of full-length black winter leggings can do both.


Winter leggings are a staple wardrobe piece that can be an underlayer in any active or non-active outfit. After your run, throw on a puffer jacket and a scarf over your pair of black thermal leggings and you could easily duck straight to the shop. If you're after something a little more dressy, a pair of boots and a warm fluffy coat over the top, can instantly turn any pair of winter leggings into a brunch outfit.


A beanie and a pair of gloves would be a great accessory to add to your winter leggings look and a great way to stay extra warm once you finish your run. Check out other thermal products to complete the thermal leggings look. With a pair of thermal socks or a thermal hoodie, you'll be warm whilst staying stylish.


The styling possibilities are endless with winter leggings. With various colours, you really can reflect your personality through your outfit. So, the next time you're wondering what to wear with running tights in winter, remember you can wear them with just about anything for any occasion.

Our Winter Leggings Collection

We are so proud to have our very own collection of high-quality winter thermal leggings at Lorna Jane! Explore the range below:

Ultra Amy Thermal Tech Full Length Leggings

These winter leggings, made from a thermal material are specifically designed to be warm, comfortable and practical. Coming in a bold range of colours, keeping warm during all your outdoor and indoor exercising or errand running has never been more stylish. The full-length provides full leg protection from the elements to keep you comfortable in the cold, wind and rain.

Ultra Amy Thermal Tech Ankle Biter Leggings

If you're looking for full-coverage leggings that aren't quite full-length to keep your legs warm during your cold morning run, our ankle biter leggings should be your go to. Coming in a sleek black colour, they are the perfect staple to every winter activewear outfit. The Amy Thermal Ankle Biter leggings provide comfort and compression.

All Day Lotus Thermal No Chafe Full Length Leggings

Tired of full-length leggings causing friction during your winter morning runs? This pair of winter leggings for women are specifically designed to reduce chafing, making them warm and comfortable all day long. Check out the versatile range of colours!

Amy Winter Thermal Phone Pocket Tech Leggings

Love listening to music to get in the zone while you're running but nowhere to put your phone? That's not a problem with these leggings that have a built-in phone pocket. Now you can carry your phone with ease while also keeping warm in the cosy thermal fabric.

Explore the Range Today

Winter leggings are a winter wardrobe essential for all the exercise enthusiasts out there. Whether you're wanting the best winter tights for running or just your next pair of winter leggings to get you through the season, with Lorna Jane's range of thermal activewear, you can stay warm without compromising style during your run. Check out our full range to find your perfect fit today.

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