Easy 3 Day Cleanse

22 Dec, 2021 | MNB TEAM


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Cleansing is a great way to help you feel great, balance your energy, strengthen your digestive system and clear your head.

With so many things out there that can overburden our natural detox system; we can start living way below our potential.

Things such as medications, processed foods, too much sugar, not enough exercise, products we use on our bodies, and environmental pollution can cause us to experience headaches, allergies, digestive complaints, anxiety, fatigue, increase stress and weight problems.

Do any of these sound familiar?

Sometimes all we need to do is pay a little more attention to our body’s ability to detox with the foods we eat. Supporting our liver is crucial and it can improve these feelings and sometimes even completely clear them.

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Love Your Liver

Out of everything your body is doing while on the cleanse, your liver is the star performer. Ensuring toxins are safely removed from your blood is one of its most critical jobs. Once your digestive system has broken down your food, the small particles then enter the blood stream and are routed to your liver for filtering. It’s the second-largest organ in your body, which means it’s one of the most important!

With the right nutrition, the liver filters through everything we eat, what we put on our skin, hormone regulation, hormone balance, making proteins, cholesterol, and it also assists in our digestion.

It’s pretty amazing all the things the liver does…

It even has the ability to function if part of it is diseased. It can also regenerate and create new liver tissue if needed. Your liver always has your back, constantly battling anything that may be harmful to us, so it’s our job to make sure we’re not overloading it.

The liver works tirelessly all day every day to detoxify the body, so it’s easy to appreciate the strain and load your liver can take on at times.

Because the body is always naturally detoxifying and filtering, it can be confusing to know whether to take on cleanses, detox programs and gimmicky pills that promise to rev up your body’s ability to detoxify.

While many of these programs can be restrictive and expensive, our 3-day cleanse incorporates foods and ingredients that your body can use to detoxify correctly, and eliminate effectively.

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