Mastering The Art of: Fash-letics

21 July, 2023 | MNB TEAM


Our best kept fashion secret… introducing the ultimate wardrobe game changer – Fash-letics. What are we talking about? So glad you asked…

Fash-letics [fash-let-ics] (n.)

A term used to describe a style that combines both elements of fashion and athletics. A concept that emphasises the fusion of comfort, functionality, versatility, and style.

Whilst the old phrase reads “beauty is pain”, it goes without saying that we are living within the era of comfort. Fash-letics is about embodying comfort, versatility, style, and functionality. Picture this, you are getting ready for a day of running errands, you have the option of your favourite sneakers or high-heeled boots – you are usually going to opt for the sneakers option. Why? Because you know that you will be comfortable without sacrificing style. That is the essence of Fash-letics in its truest form.

It is where fashion and function combine without compromise. Fash-letics allows you to push the boundaries of style and comfort so that way you don’t have to sacrifice your personal style. If you want to master the art of Fash-letics here are our top tips:

And done! We have done the heavy lifting for the most part, by crafting pieces that incorporate the perfect balance of tech and style. So, with the help of these simple tips and our Fash-letics philosophy, you are on your way to building your dream movement wardrobe! Take it from us, once you uncover the secret of Fash-letics wardrobe, you will wonder how you styled without it.

Because at Lorna Jane we design for how you really live your life.

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