The Return of the Flare Legging

25 Apr, 2023 | MNB TEAM


You read that article title right….flared leggings are back. If you haven’t had your finger on the fashion trend pulse for the past six months, you might not have spotted our beloved celebrities, fashion-forward Gen-Z or upcoming influencers sporting a piece of early 2000s fashion history: the flare legging. What once was worn with thongs, a strappy singlet and a cute shrug cardigan are back with a refreshed cut featuring a high-waisted flattering fit.

So, how did this seasoned staple manage to weave itself back into our wardrobe rotations? Following the resurgence of Y2K street style partnered with the more recent adoption of wide-leg denim, it was only natural that the flare legging saw a return to the fashion scene and our athleisure apparel.

But if we’re narrowing down the style source that led to the flare legging uprise, like most new fashion trends, it was primarily led by the icon herself: Emma Chamberlain. While other celebrities have been seen sporting the flare legging look, including the likes of Hailey Bieber, Emily Ratajkowski, Rhianna and more, their aesthetic ensembles are often an expensive style that is unattainable to the general public.

Whereas Emma brought the trend back into the public eye by pairing simple, sporty and stylish pieces together that others can easily recreate with items from their clothing collections. In her now iconic Instagram photo, Emma teamed her flare leggings with an oversized sweater, sneakers and a thick white headband.

As flare leggings now dominate the street style of our favourite sources of fashion inspo, it’s safe to say that this staple of Y2K is here to stay. LJ is always a strong believer in leggings as outerwear and flared leggings just fuse their comfort with chicness even more. Wondering how to achieve the effortless cool girl look with this latest blast from the past? We’ve found the perfect outfit formulas.

How to Style Flare Leggings

Most of us tend to associate flare leggings with the looks from the 00s we’re trying to forget, but thanks to the eye of the it-girls, black flare leggings are en-route to being the ultimate wardrobe essential.

Whether working from home, hot girl walking or errand running, there are endless fashion opportunities with flare leggings. The comfort of the leggings is perfectly balanced by the bold and chic silhouette of flare to make for the perfect black pant for any outfit. Here’s how we’re styling this must-have activewear, for any occasion.

Play with Proportions

Emma Chamberlain’s viral IG-story moment sparked the resurgence of this flare legging trend due to her cool-girl styling. Due to the unique shape of flare, these leggings offer you the perfect chance to play with proportions. When styling, opt for an oversized sweatshirt to balance the skin-tight thigh of leggings. Channel Emma and pair your black legging flares with a vintage-inspired sweatshirt over a turtleneck for an outfit with even more nods to nostalgia. This outfit formula is perfect for cold morning brunch dates with the girls and can easily be paired with your favourite sneakers to play on the athleticwear look or even loafers to elevate the outfit all-round.

Keep it Tight

For something more figure-hugging, black flare leggings can be put with a tight black shirt for a cat-suit effect. Think Kim K in Balenciaga, black flare leggings with a black top lets you embrace their chicness to the max. Slinky but simple, a tight top allows you emphasise the flare of the pants and enjoy their comfort at the same time. Take your cue from Kim and pair them with kitten heels for a night-out look or keep it casual with your favourite white Dad sneakers. An easy day-to-night outfit, black flare leggings with a black top a bold must-try outfit once the temperature drops.

Win the Workplace

The right workplace outfit will always depend on your job, but flare leggings could be your next simple but stylish ‘fit for casual Fridays. Try donning an oversized dress shirt over this style of leggings to play with proportions in a more professional and fashionable way. Whether a neutral colour or a fun print, an oversized dress shirt gives any look that Scandy fashion feeling. This combo makes flare leggings look more formal and feigns as trousers for the day.

Cute for Class

The best activewear will take you from your morning gym class through the rest of your day with ease. Flare leggings still come with this flexibility of classic leggings and are perfect for light workouts like Pilates, yoga or walks. When paired with a baby t-shirt and sneakers, you can easily go from the mat to the market in your flared leggings. For an outfit even more TikTokified, embrace the ballet-core trend and finish your flare legging look with a shrug over your sports bra. When it comes to workouts, flare leggings offer you the best of both worlds: function and fashion.

What shoes go with flare leggings?

Due to their perfectly simple style, flare leggings go great with a wide range of shoes. Our shoe favourites would be:

  • Chunky white sneakers
  • Black loafers
  • Lace-up shoes (think Converse)
  • Kitten heels
  • Y2K-inspired platform sandals

Your Turn: Where to get Flare Leggings?

Styling flare leggings might not be as effortless as Bella Hadid makes them look, but this style comes with the ultimate activewear versatility. With so many styles to choose from, Lorna Jane has your next pair of flared leggings sorted. With a range of cuts, colours and styles, find your perfect pair online or in-store now!

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