Sleep therapy? Float Tanks and Steps for Slumber.

2 AUG, 2021 | Emily

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If you haven’t tried it already, Float Therapy is an immersive experience designed to aid in relaxation, muscle recovery and most importantly SLEEP. Sleep is one of the most important steps in leading a happy and healthy life- so it’s paramount that we focus on ways to improve the quality of it. Because for the majority of us Better Sleep = Better Life.

The Float Therapy experience involves lying in a pool of perfectly heated (body temperature)water filled with 400kg of Epsom salts - sounds like heaven, right?! Soon after sinking into the water, you will be transported into heaven… I mean a deep state of theta relaxation!

“Umm, what is Theta.”

Theta relaxation is the meditative state our mind and body progress into for our optimal healing processes to begin. Essentially- restorative relaxation. This state helps heal the body, reduces stress and anxiety, and immerses your whole being into deep relaxation. All of that from just floating in water for 45 minutes!? Sign me up.

Some other incredible benefits are:

  • Stress Relief– Excess adrenaline and stress are believed to drain magnesium, a natural stress reliever, from the body. Magnesium helps bind serotonin, the happy hormone! Step out maxo relaxo and your mood boosted!
  • Relaxation – Elevates chemicals in the brain that works to create a feeling of well-being and relaxation.
  • Migraine Prevention – Can ease, and in some cases prevent migraine headaches.
  • Detoxification – Flushes toxins and heavy metals from the cells in your body. This in turn helps ease muscle pain and clear out harmful substances like copper, mercury and pollution picked up from our modern environment.
  • Diabetes – Improves insulin sensitivity and blood glucose control which can aid in prevention or severity of diabetes.
  • Heart Health – Improves heart and circulatory health. Preventing hardening of the arteries, blood clots and lowering overall blood pressure.
  • Bone health – Magnesium helps assimilate calcium into the bones.

I’ve been ‘Floating’ once a week for over a month now and can feel the benefits both physical AND mentally. This is now a permanent fixture in my wellness routine that I ALWAYS look forward to so it goes without saying that I encourage you to give it a try yourself. I recommend booking in for a session at the end of your day (or week) to truly reap the benefits, wind down and prep yourself for an incredible night’s sleep. My float is always on a Friday afternoon- the perfect pause that transitions me perfectly out of work mode and eases me into the weekend.

As a self-proclaimed float enthusiast, I have put together a list of tips for you to read over, before your first float… you can thank me later:

  • Book your float during a time when you can really wind down. We recommend post workout, after work, right before bed or as a great way to ease into your morning.
  • If you are menstruating, reschedule your appointment to a different stage of your cycle.
  • Turn off your phone.
  • Hydrate! I have at least a litre of water through-out the day and always go the bathroom right before I enter the tank - to avoid any interruptions!
  • Bring bikinis or swimmers. It is recommended that you float naked. I have done both and I personally find it to be more relaxing when wearing bikinis. Knowing that everything is in place gives you peace of mind (which helps me to relax).
  • Arrive with an open mind. It may take a few moments to get in rhythm of the buoyance of the float pool (and accepting that you do not need to swim). But once you do, you’ll be floating effortlessly.
  • Bring loose clothing to change into – we recommend bringing along your comfiest clothes to wear after your float. This will maximise that cosy, relaxing feeling.

Want some recommendations from our teams around the globe: We listed our favourite float tank spots for you to try.

Australia & New Zealand
City Cave

United States
Pause Studio
Chill Space

Palm Ave Float Club

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