The Best Sports Bra Guide: Type, Fit & Style

22 Oct, 2022 | MNB TEAM


Whether you’re on the hunt for a stylish new sports bra or are searching for your first sports bra to invest in, narrowing down the right sports bra for you can often become a bit overwhelming. How should the sports bra fit your body? Does the sports bra fit its intended purpose?

With our sports bras being one of the few layers sitting against our skin, it’s important we pick the right one to support us and prevent any moisture which could cause chafing. We’ve all experienced the uncomfortable feeling of an ill-fitting sports bra digging into our back as we run or constantly having to re-adjust your bra after completing a set – it can really impact your exercise performance.

At Lorna Jane, we’ve been designing our own sports bras since 1989 and have picked up a thing or two along the way about what makes a great sports bra. So, we’ve put our thinking hats on and used our industry expertise to create this detailed sports bra guide, to help you on the hunt for the perfect sports bra.

Our guide will break down the different types of sports bras based on activity and support, as well as discussing how a sports bra should actually fit. So, let’s jump into it!

The Best Sports Bra For A Large Bust

There’s nothing worse than having an ill-fitting sports bra during a workout, particularly when you have a larger bust. It not only distracts and limits performance but can cause bounce as well as shoulder, neck, or back pain in the long run.

Our go-to sports bra for women with larger breasts is our Hold & Mold Sports Bra. It features structured cups to support the breasts along with adjustable straps and bra clasp so you can tailor it to your desired fit. The Hold & Mold bra also offers gel-padded shoulder straps and fixed padding for comfortability and bounce control. Perfect for high-intensity workouts from running to HIIT, interval training and more!

Available in multiple stylish colorways with a flattering and supportive fit, this sports bra is a must-have in the workout wardrobe for those with larger busts.

The Best Sports Bra For A Small Bust

Looking for a sports bra to support you while also staying stylish? Our Sammy Sports Bra offers adjustable straps, a clasp back and thin straps so you can tailor your sports bra to your desired fit. The perfect sports bra for those with smaller busts, it provides shape to your décolletage with a flattering fit and stylish silhouette. The perfect everyday option, the Sammy sports bra can be worn all day to work, your next workout and on the weekends. Available in a range of neutral colors to complement your existing athleisure go-to’s, the Sammy sports bra is as versatile as it is stylish.

The Best Overall Sports Bra

After a sports bra that can do it all? A great all-rounder sports bra should offer a high level of support while also remaining comfortable for everyday wear. Our Our Compress & Compact Sports Bra does just that, offering compression while also adding lift so you can move with confidence whatever the activity. The Compress & Compact sports bra will be your new go-to for a variety of activities, from cardio-based workouts to weekend walks, running errands and more!

The Best High-Impact Sports Bra

If you’re a regular HIIT enthusiast, runner, or a long-term gym goer, you understand the importance of a high-impact sports bra that supports you throughout an intense workout. The perfect high-impact sports bra should offer ample compression and adjustability for a tailored fit as well as enabling enough airflow to keep you cool while working up a sweat.

Our Ultimate Excel Sports Bra does just that. Built for performance and designed to move with you, the high-impact sports bra features a zip-front closure, bra clasp and adjustable straps so you can ensure a perfect fit. The Ultimate Excel Sports Bra also features mesh paneling and breathable quick-dry fabric to keep you comfortable whatever the workout. Find the best high-impact sports bra with the Ultimate Excel sports bra style at Lorna Jane.

Explore our other maximum support, high-impact sports bras online now.

The Best Medium-Impact Sports Bra

The right medium-impact sports bra should offer an added level of support to a low-impact sports bra, with a degree of compression and fit snugly to the body for support. The medium-impact type of sports bra is the perfect middle-ground for activities such as strength and conditioning, spin class, hiking, gym and more.

Our Tempo Speed Ribbed Seamless Sports Bra is a great go-to option for a sports bra offering this medium impact level of support. With a supportive racerback design, 4-way stretch and moisture management technologies, this medium-impact sports bra with contoured knit panels offers a comfortable, compressive and supportive fit.

Explore our other high-support, medium-impact sports bras online now.

The Best Low-Impact Sports Bra

Low-impact sports bras are designed for activities with low levels of movement and bounce, such as yoga, Pilates, or walking. Typically, low-impact sports bras feature less structure with a buttery soft, stretchy fabric, thinner straps, and removable padding. A low-impact sports bra offers slight compression but is primarily an unstructured crop-style sports bra that prioritizes comfort and style.

One of our best low-impact sports bras is our ‘Layer Up Sports Bra’, which features thinner straps and stunning criss cross layered back detailing. With a lightweight and breathable construction using our LJ Active fabric, this low-impact sports bra is super comfy and easy to wear in your everyday life.

Explore our other low-impact, all-day support sports bras online now.

The Best Longline Sports Bra

Longline sports bras typically extend to the hips or waistline rather than stopping under the bustline; offering added coverage as well as extra support and comfort. With a low to medium level of support, longline sports bras feature light compression and lift for a flattering sports bra fit, perfect for low-impact activities such as walking, yoga and Pilates. Due to the longer sports bra style, this type of bra is also a go-to in athleisure looks for weekend brunch and errand running!

Our favorite longline sports bra is our ‘Lotus Longline Bra’ which features all-day support, strappy back detailing and buttery soft fabric for a comfortable sports bra you won’t want to take off.

The Best Shelf Sports Bra

Shelf sports bras, otherwise known as built-in bras, offer support to the lower breast with an elastic band to provide lift. This is often a pullover-style sports bra designed in a tank top to create an easy on-the-go option for those looking for some support while after all-day comfort. Shelf sports bras are perfect for low-impact activities such as walking, yoga, brunch, or Pilates.

Our favorite shelf sports bra is our ‘In The Moment Bra Tank Combo’. Forget having to stress about styling a sports bra and tank top to create a chic athleisure look, simply throw on the ‘In The Moment’ bra tank combo and you are ready to go! Featuring an internal bra with moisture-wicking properties, this shelf sports bra is your new favorite throw-on athleisure piece.

And there you have it! Our detailed guide to the different types of sports bras as well as their purpose within your activewear wardrobe. If you’re interested in learning more about how your sports bra should fit, head to our sports bras guide online! Or get ready to rock some stylish activewear and shop our sports bra collection now.

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