Why You NEED A Pair Of Thermal Leggings This Winter

15 Dec, 2022 | MNB TEAM


As the weather begins to cool down and winter is well underway, the morning chill and crisp evening air can make us want to curl up in a ball at home. Especially when our activewear wardrobe is full of lightweight sports bras, bike shorts and tanks! Want to know why our thermal fleece-lined legging have been rated number 1 by Cosmopolitan and Best Women’s Workout Gear of 2023 by Outside? Read more.

In colder climates, it’s just as important to own thermal activewear as it is classic activewear pieces to ensure the weather doesn’t prohibit us from our exercise performance. There’s honestly nothing worse than heading out for a hot girl walk or run in the freezing cold without the right activewear to keep you supported, and importantly: warm. As we all know, it makes you way less likely to head out to exercise or hit the gym if you’re constantly concerned about how cold you are.

Our thermal leggings collection has been thoughtfully designed using the latest in innovative fabric technology, with modern features and stunning styles, to create the perfect thermal legging that you will be living in this winter.

But what actually are thermal leggings? And do they really make that much of a difference? We’ll dive into the nitty gritty throughout this article with everything you need to know about thermal activewear and thermal leggings:

What is Thermal Activewear?

Thermal activewear is any clothing item designed to keep the body warm and comfortable in cold temperatures. This type of activewear usually contains thermal materials like thermal wool or fleece, which provide superior thermal insulation while still being stylish, lightweight and breathable.

Examples of thermal activewear include thermal jackets, thermal long sleeves, thermal leggings, thermal shorts, thermal socks, thermal base layers and thermal vests. Our Lorna Jane thermal activewear pieces provide an extra layer of warmth, so you can stay comfortable outside longer while also looking cute!

What are Thermal Leggings?

Thermal leggings are thermal activewear pieces that help you stay warm, even in cold temperatures. They are made with a thermal insulation layer of fleece-lined material to keep your body temperature regulated.

While the common misconception is thermal gear isn’t aesthetic or stylish, our range of thermal leggings balances both form and function. Our thermal leggings are available in a variety of trending colors and designs to suit your activewear aesthetic. From the classic black thermal leggings to bright colors and fun prints, it’s a simple way to warm up your winter activewear wardrobe this season!

Our thermal leggings are also extremely versatile and perfect for any outdoor activity in cooler temperatures. From running to walks, strength training, brunch, chilling out at home or even running errands, our thermal leggings have you covered.

Hitting the ski slopes or heading out on a winter hike in extremely cold conditions? Lorna Jane thermal leggings can also be worn as a comfortable base layer with other thermal clothing items such as thermal long sleeves and thermal jackets. Layer up in style and stay comfortable all day long!

The Lorna Jane range of thermal leggings for women also come in different styles and lengths, from high-rise to mid-rise and ankle length to suit your exercise needs and personal preference. They are crafted from premium thermal fabrics such as fleece or thermal wool, which provides superior thermal insulation and warmth.

What are the benefits of Thermal Leggings?

Thermal leggings are a great thermal activewear piece that offers insulation, warmth, and comfort against cool temperatures. They have multiple benefits including:

  • Breathability - Thermal leggings are designed with thermal fabrics such as thermal wool or thermal polyester that are breathable and lightweight while still providing superior thermal insulation.
  • Comfort - Thermal leggings offer compression and support while also being comfortable to wear and move with your body, making them ideal for activities like running or walking.
  • Durability - Thermal leggings are designed for durability and to shelter you from the elements, so they can withstand wear and tear from any outdoor activity.
  • Style – Thermal leggings come in a variety of colors, cuts and stylish silhouettes so you can find the perfect thermal activewear piece to fit your personal activewear style.

What is the Difference Between Thermal Leggings and Fleece-Lined Leggings?

Thermal leggings and fleece-lined leggings are similar thermal activewear pieces that both offer thermal insulation. The main difference between the two is in their thermal properties. Thermal leggings are typically made with thermal fabrics such as thermal wool or thermal polyester, which provide superior thermal insulation but can be a bit heavier than fleece-lined leggings.

Fleece-lined leggings provide thermal insulation and warmth but are lighter than thermal leggings. Both thermal leggings and fleece-lined leggings can be a great addition to any outdoor activity, however, thermal leggings may be a better choice for activities in extremely cold temperatures. All in all, thermal leggings and fleece-lined leggings are both great thermal activewear pieces that help you stay warm, comfortable and protected from the cold.

How To Style Fleece-Lined Leggings and Thermal Leggings

Thermal leggings are extremely simple to style, pair them with a sports bra and long sleeve activewear top for a simple yet sophisticated workout look. Or elevate your everyday style by pairing thermal leggings with chunky sneakers, an oversized hoodie, a slick bun and gold hoops. Who said winter clothing couldn’t be stylish?!

So How Do You Wash Fleece-Lined Leggings? Is it Different to Regular Leggings?

Fleece-lined leggings should be washed in cold water on a gentle cycle with mild detergent. Do not use bleach or fabric softener, as these can damage the thermal properties of the material and cause it to degrade faster. To dry fleece-lined leggings, place them in the dryer on a low heat setting and tumble dry for about 10 minutes. Do not over-dry them, as this can cause fading or shrinkage. Lay fleece-lined leggings flat to air dry if you prefer.

No matter what thermal activewear piece you choose, washing thermal clothing properly is important to maintain its thermal properties and extend its life.

Where Can You Find Fleece-Lined Leggings & Thermal Leggings??

Looking to invest in a pair of stylish and supportive thermal leggings or fleece-lined leggings for winter? At Lorna Jane, our curated thermal legging collection offers a variety of styles, lengths, cuts and silhouettes which have been consciously crafted to contour to your curves and move with your body.

Learn why our leggings are rated the number 1 thermal fleece-lined legging in Cosmopolitan & explore our thermal activewear range online or in-store now and elevate your winter workout gear!

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