Heart Bead

“Empowering Women, Transforming the World”

This statement encapsulates our commitment to changing the way women live their lives by empowering them. It champions women as natural born leaders and envisions their transformative role in moving the world forward.

We recognise that by empowering women, we are creating a positive ripple effect that extends beyond individuals to impact the world at large.

To symbolise this commitment, we have embedded a heart bead into every garment. This heart bead symbolises the connection we share. It's a representation of the love, strength, and support we strive to infuse into your journey.

On the challenging days, the ones that test you and make you question the worthiness of your journey, we want to be your strength, your unwavering supporter. No matter the obstacles, you are not alone.

Together, we stand as a community, united by the empowering spirit that transforms lives and, in turn, the world.

“There is no force equal to that of a determined woman.”

Lorna Jane Clarkson

Founder & Chief Creative Officer

A Symbol of Unity and Strength

Each Heart Bead is a reminder of the powerful connection within the Lorna Jane community. It embodies our commitment to supporting and uplifting women, encouraging them to lead an active life, inspire other women, and make a positive impact. In challenging times, this small bead is a symbol of the collective strength and resilience that binds us together.

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The Companion on Your Journey

We understand that every woman's journey has its ups and downs. The Heart Bead is there to remind you that you're not alone. It's a representation of our unwavering support and belief in your potential, empowering you to overcome obstacles and pursue your dreams with confidence.

Transforming Lives, One Heart Bead at a Time

The Heart Bead is more than an emblem; it's a movement. By wearing a garment with the Heart Bead, you join a community of empowered women dedicated to making a difference. It symbolises a commitment to personal growth, empowerment, and the transformative role women play in the world.


Q: What does the Heart Bead on Lorna Jane activewear mean?
A: The Heart Bead on Lorna Jane activewear symbolises our vision of "Empowering Women, Transforming the World.” It represents shared connection, empowerment, and support within the Lorna Jane community.

Q: Can the Heart Bead help me feel supported?
A: While the Heart Bead is a symbol, it can serve as a meaningful reminder of your inner strength and the support of a community that believes in your potential. It's a representation of empowerment and encouragement.

Q: How does the Heart Bead initiative support women?
A: The Heart Bead initiative supports women by fostering a sense of community and belonging. It symbolises our dedication to empowering women, encouraging them to believe in themselves and their ability to make a positive impact.