Turn Your Resolutions into Results: A 'How To'

16 Jan, 2023 | Ellie Dimitra


Ellie Dimitra

Founder of UVSL, Personal Trainer, Post Grad in Psychology and Podcaster.

When you think ‘new year’, there are a few things that spring to mind: fireworks, countdowns and of course… new years resolutions. The first two start and finish on NYE - but that final point… that’s meant to be a part of your entire year. However, did you know that 80% of New Year’s resolutions don’t even make it to February? In fact, it’s been calculated by a university professor exactly when those resolutions start slipping, and it’s as early as the third Monday in January, which this year falls on Jan 16. It’s so common, that it’s even been given a name: Blue Monday.

Blue Monday isn’t just about failing your new year’s resolutions, but feeling desperate to take some kind of action, as well feeling less and less motivated to achieve your goals. The fact that Blue Monday exists just screams ‘intervention.’ And that’s exactly what this post is about. So… what can we do to combat Blue Monday?

Simple! We can take steps to combat each of the issues that Blue Monday highlights:

The first problem: Feeling desperate to take some kind of action.

What we can do: Set a goal, and make it measurable. Once you have gotten clear about the goal, brainstorm what habits you can integrate into your lifestyle to achieve that goal. Why? Because setting a goal is one thing, but setting up your life to achieve it is another, and that’s exactly what habit selection is about. It’s the daily actions that have the biggest impact on our lives because we do them the most often.

Task: Write down 3 measurable habits you will include into your daily life and watch your feelings of desperation dissolve as you see yourself taking daily steps towards your goal. EG: include green veggies in every dinner or walk everyday.

The second problem: Feeling unmotivated.

What we can do: All this point requires is a shift in perspective. Did you know you’re your motivation levels are not indicative of your likelihood to achieve your goals? Actually, you don’t even need motivation to achieve your goals at all! The one character trait you need to rely on is self-discipline. This has your future self in mind. It gets the job done, whatever it is and your future self thanks you for it every time.

Task: Print out a calendar to track ticking off your daily habits, and also include how you felt; were you motivated or not? When you get to the end of the week and you’ve completed every day as planned, whether you felt like it or not, treat yourself. Think a massage, or coffee with a friend (because maybe treats don’t align with your goal!). Celebrate the daily wins and they will compound to incredible achievement.

The third problem: Failing your new year’s resolutions:

What we can do: This only happens if we don’t implement the first 2 points. But once you’ve determined the habits you need to develop and worked on developing self discipline, achieving your resolutions is only a matter of time.

Task: Don’t wait until the new year to set a goal... because every single day is an opportunity to become a better version of you. Think about it like this: you can wait for the new year and give yourself 1 chance to make a change, or keep yourself open to making improvements everyday and have 365 chances. Seriously, just think of the possibilities….

Now it must be said: It’s one thing to read these tips. It’s a whole other thing to put them into practice. After all, it’s not knowledge that gets results… it’s action.

Work your way through steps 1-3 and watch 2023 be your biggest year yet.

Big love,

Ellie Dimitra xx

About the Author: Ellie Dimitra

Ellie is the founder of UVSL, a personal trainer with post-graduate psychology qualifications and a podcaster. She has 10 years of psychology education experience and another 10 years experience as a personal trainer. Ellie has a podcast called “Level The F*ck Up” where she offers tools, inspo and info across the topics of fitness and mindset to help you seriously level up, body and mind. Ellie is dedicated to giving women the mental and emotional tools they need to make lasting change, look good, feel good and never need to ‘diet’ again.

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