The Best Sports Bras For Large Breasts

8 Dec, 2022 | MNB TEAM


Trying to hunt down the best sports bras for larger breasts can often feel like exactly that - a hunt. From scouring websites online to uneventful changing room experiences, finding the right brand that has the correct size, offers a great fit and is also stylish doesn’t always seem to come hand in hand for women with larger busts.

And sports bras are important. We know from research that breasts can move up to 15cm when exercising, so finding the right bra that offers ample support, good coverage, and a comfortable fit is essential regardless of size and shape. A sports bra should actually make it easier to work out rather than a chore to wear or take on and off.

At Lorna Jane, our company was founded for women by women, and we have experienced first-hand the struggles that come with finding a sports bra that fits ‘just right’ for ladies of all shapes and sizes. This article aims to narrow down the search so you can find the perfect sports bra that fits you to move with confidence, whatever the workout or occasion!

What support is best for sports bras for large breasts?

Our guide will break down the different types of sports bras based on activity and support, as well as discussing how a sports bra should actually fit. So, let’s jump into it!

The Best Sports Bra For A Large Bust

For women with larger breasts, the best sports bras typically fall into one of two styles: compression or encapsulation. Compression sports bras are designed specifically to prevent breast movement as you exercise, while encapsulation sports bras feature individual cup support. What sports bra style is best for you will depend on the type of exercise you like to do, along with personal preference.

The Best (Low-Impact) All-Rounder Sports Bra For Larger Breasts

With an all-day low-impact sports bra for larger breasts, it’s important to find a sports bra that still offers a level of support whilst still staying comfortable. Too little support and the breasts could cause back or neck pain from the lack of compression and lift.

A low-impact sports bra is the perfect option for low-level exercises such as hot girl walks, brunch dates, reformer Pilates, yoga, or even while working from home.

Sports Bra Spotlight: Lotus Longline Sports Bra

One of our favorite all-rounder sports bras for larger breasts is our Lotus Longline Sports Bra. This bra will be your new go-to for everyday comfort, offering light compression, slip-on design, soft straps and everyday support; the Lotus longline bra also features stunning strappy back detailing and added coverage.

Available in a range of neutral and bold colorways such as black, blue, pink, and more – find the perfect look with our Lotus Longline to elevate your athleisure style!

The Best High Impact Sports Bra For Larger Breasts

The best sports bras for large busts for high-impact activities such as strength and conditioning or your next gym sesh should have ample support. For ladies with larger busts, a sports bra with a firm compression as well as a clasp back or adjustable straps is recommended so you can still customize your fit.

Sports Bra Spotlight: Compress & Compact

Simple, sophisticated and (of course) stylish, the compress and compact sports bra is a compressive bra featuring a clasp back, removable padding, adjustable straps, and quick-dry fabric technology. Adjust the back clasp to customize breast cup support while tailor the sports bra straps to reduce pressure on the back or neck.

With a range of neutral colors to compliment your workout wardrobe, this sports bra is a must-have in your activewear collection.

The Best Maximum Support Sports Bra For Larger Breasts

Offering the highest level of support, a maximum support sports bra, particularly for larger breasts, should prioritize adjustability, compression, support and coverage to reduce movement while working out. A maximum support sports bra for largest busts will be your new go-to for cardio-intense workouts such as boxing, running, cardio, HIIT, cycling and more.

This support level is one of the best for larger breasts as it aims to hold the breasts in place with anti-bounce features and limit discomfort across the back and neck. Because it’s such a popular style for larger busts, we couldn’t narrow our favorite down to just one!

So we’ve picked out our two absolute favorite sports bras: one a compression bra and the other an encapsulation sports bra support style.

Sports Bra Spotlight: Hold & Mold Sports Bra

For ladies on the bustier side, we’ve all experienced the struggle of sports bra straps cutting into our shoulders and pulling down on our necks while working out. It’s distracting, uncomfortable and, most importantly, prohibits us from enjoying our exercise.

The Hold & Mould is an encapsulation style sports bra with individual structured cups to support your breasts and was specifically engineered for women with C cups to F cups. The sports bra offers thick adjustable straps, a back bra clasp, fixed padding, stabilized lining, and gel-padded shoulder straps. With no underwire, this high-intensity sports bra perfectly balances comfort and support.

Easily adjust all aspects of the sports bra to suit you with the Hold & Mold sports bra. Available in stunning colourways from a classic black to a beautiful bright blue for a bold pop of colour.

Sports Bra Spotlight: Ultra Hold Sports Bra

Our Ultra Hold Sports Bra is one of our latest releases and is a compression sports bra, featuring a stunning crossed-back detailing. Designed to spread the weight of your bust away from the shoulders and towards the back for increased support, it offers a comfortable yet flattering fit.

The sports bra features adjustable straps, a clasp back, removable padding and cooling fabric technology to keep you feeling cool while working out.

And there you have it! Our top recommendations for the best sports bras for large breasts.

We hope this guide could assist in breaking down some of the key aspects to look for in your next sports bra while also providing some stylish sports bra recommendations to get you moving with confidence and support as soon as possible.

The Best Sports Bras For Large Breasts Summary

Low-Impact Exercises (e.g. yoga & pilates) – light support, limited compression

High-Impact Exercises (e.g. strength & conditioning) – firm fit, mid-level compression

Maximum-Impact Exercise (e.g. cardio, HIIT, running) – structured fit, ultra-compressive


What are the best sports bras for running large breasts?

When running with a larger bust, it is vital the sports bra offers compression, support, and a comfortable fit. We recommend a maximum support style of a sports bra with a structured fit and the highest level of compression to reduce breast movement while running.

Best wireless sports bras for large breasts?

There is often a misconception that a wireless sports bra provides less support than an underwire bra. But this doesn’t have to be the case! At Lorna Jane, many of our high-impact and maximum-impact sports bras do not feature an underwire but still offer firm compression and support with adjustable features.

The best wireless sports bra for large breasts that still features a structured cup is our Hold & Mold sports bra, engineered to support women with C cups to F cups.

Still looking for more information on the various types and features of sports bras? Check our our Sports Bra Guide for a comprehensive breakdown on our support levels and our best selling sports bras.

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